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797 is based on a straightforward concept: move down a track and dodge obstacles. While it may initially look very cliché, often being compared to games like CubeField, 797 contains a lot more elements than likewise games. 797 demands the player to react very quickly in a predetermined, finite level that requires intense focus and planning. Levels very often consist of complex paths that are difficult to beat the first time and require the player to study them carefully and come up with his or her own strategies, similar to that of Geometry Dash. Furthermore, the controls are also made in a way that requires forward-thinking. Instead of directly affecting the sideways velocity, the player controls the acceleration, which in turn changes the velocity over time.

Supported Platforms:


  1. To start playing press either side of the screen
  2. Use the two sides of the screen to choose which play to move
    • Pressing and holding down the right side will point your player's acceleration to the right.
    • Pressing and holding down the left side will point your player's acceleration to the left.

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